Some frequently asked questions
Can my Dentist or Doctor make a mouthpiece for me?
Yes, but remember that they will have to charge for their time. Average costs are from $300 to $700.
How long will The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece last?
It depends on the individual. We recommend that you change the mouthpiece after about 9 months of use, though they often last much longer that that.
How do you break down the cost of $0.61c a day?
We amortized the price over 9 months (274 days) which works out to approximately $0.61.
Does The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece work?
YES! The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece will work for people with a normal snoring problem.
Does The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece work for grinding teeth during sleep?
Is The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece hard to fit?
No, it is a simple process which takes just a few minutes.
How do I store my The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece?
In the plastic container provided. Simply clean with your Retainer-Brite and store your Noiselezz® Mouthpiece when not in use.
Will my jaw be sore from being slightly forward during sleep?
The average person requires an adjustment period of 2 to 3 weeks to reach maximum comfort. During this period you may feel a little discomfort in the jaw area but this will disappear a few minutes after removing the The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece.
Will I have trouble breathing with The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece in my mouth?
The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece will allow you to breathe normally through your mouth or nose without any restrictions even though you may have a cold or allergies.
When you open the The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece box, it will contain the following;
  • The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece
  • The Noiselezz® Mouthpiece storage container
  • Product Brochure

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How does ‘Noiselezz’ work?


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