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Please be advised that the guarantee on our product NOISELEZZ, covers the purchaser for 30 days, from the date of purchase, for use straight out of the box only.

If you decide to mould the product yourself as the video demonstrates, the guarantee becomes void; the reason for this is simply because we have no control over whether our moulding instructions will be accurately followed by the purchaser. EXCESSIVE HEAT, in any form can cause irrevocable damage to the device. For most people, they require time for their body’s to adjust; some soreness or irritation is normal and usually disappears within a few days. We apologize that the video does not make this clear.

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How does ‘Noiselezz’ work?


See how a 'Noiselezz' Snoring Mouth Guard gives you a sound night's sleep!


“This is the best unit on the market by far! I tried all the rest- mouthguards, liquids, sprays, pillows, supports and when I stumbled upon your website,I thought Id try yours. I am happy to say yours works! Thanks for a great products, I have ordered another 2 today..."

Terry Fox

"I am now on my fourth NOISELEZZ, and have found them to be fantastic,man, as my wife says - It's saved our marriage!"

Martin.C - Edwardstown SA

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