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TENS Machine


Tens Machine

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Product Description

tens machine and cablesTENS Machine

Our TENS Machine package includes:

  • 1 pain relief device
  • 2 sets of electrode leads
  • 2 sets of Gel Pads (one large and one small)
  • 1 pad park (for keeping your pads clean whilst not using the device)
  • 1 battery and Australian compatible recharging plug
  • Full operation Manual
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 2 years REPLACEMENT Warranty (for device only)


The TENS Machine should NOT BE USED:

  • On patients with pacemakers or any other embedded electronic medical devices, heart-lung machine and any other life keeping electronic medical devices, electrocardiograph and any other medical screening and monitoring devices. Simultaneous use of our TENS Machine and any of the above devices will cause malfunction and can be very dangerous to the users.
  • On patients whose pain syndromes are undiagnosed by a medical professional.



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