Does this sound familiar?…

Trouble sleeping? Restless? Suffer headaches? …just plain irritable?

Maybe you’re like the great percentage of the population who are frantically seeking a simple answer …
Maybe you’re just like Brad and Sylvia …

Brad and Sylvia had been married for five years and Sylvia was fed up with Brad’s snoring. Not only was it keeping her awake, it was now waking up their eldest daughter, Samantha, four years old. Separate rooms was not an option as they just didn’t have the space. Most nights Brad was sleeping on the couch and Sylvia was at the end of her tether. Brad was just at a loss.

Then one of Brad’s friends recommended the NOISELEZZ anti-snoring device.

“I tape-recorded myself just to prove to myself that I was in fact – noiseless,” Brad said. “This NOISELEZZ anti-snoring device is so effective that I am now back in the bedroom and my marriage is better than ever!”

You might have tried other devices but nothing matches
the NOISELEZZ anti-snoring device for comfort, effectiveness and ease.

There are many factors that can cause snoring. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Overweight
  • Alcohol
  • Some drugs
  • Some medication

Don’t worry if you are among the 40-45% of people who snore, because this solution is instant and it won’t cost you a fortune!

I know what you’re thinking … you’ve tried other devices. They’re tricky, they’re uncomfortable, and they’re hard to fit. Well all of that just went out the window because the NOISELEZZ anti-snoring device is the easiest and most comfortable device on the market.

NOISELEZZ is made of soft high quality dental resin and is worn in the mouth while sleeping. The top tray fits easily over the top teeth and the bottom tray over the bottom teeth, the hinged mechanism gently pulls the bottom jaw forward and stops it falling back, keeping the airway open and preventing the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat and causing the dreaded culprit – vibration!.

NO RISK, NO WORRIES – 30 Day Money back guarantee:
If for any reason you are unhappy with NOISELEZZ just return it. As long as it’s in good shape so is your pocket – we’ll give you a full refund*. But, as with our great number of satisfied customers, we really don’t think it will come to that.
Dentists or Doctors make custom mouthpieces for chronic snorers costing an average of $300 to $700. Our customers believe NOISELEZZ to be better by far and at a fraction of the cost!

Have you considered the medical issues commonly associated with sleep apnoea caused by snoring?

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Death

Sleep apnoea creates long interruptions lasting more than 10 seconds to your breathing during your sleep. You also sleep lightly and wake frequently, often without even realising it.

Put an end to all of this stress and discomfort now!

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